Product Description: 

This RF Mini RGB controller adopted the advanced computer control chip, 433 MHz Frequency technology. It can be installed & used easily, dynamic modes like jump, fade, strobe; plenty static colors all can be selected with your command. It also has memory function because we inside the memory chip on the PCB. With all these high functions, we still make it so tiny, and make it more economical and practical. It’s mainly used to control all kinds of constant voltage led lights, such as: LED source, LED strips, led wall washer, wall Glass curtain lights, etc.

Technical Parameters:

  •  Working temperature :-20-60℃
  •  Input voltage:DC5-24V
  •  Output:3 circuit
  •  Output:3 circuit
  •  Connection mode:Common anode
  •  controller size:L40.0×W12.0×H5mm
  •  Remote size:L85.9×W39.6×H6.9mm
  •  RF frequency:433.92Mhz
  •  Net weight:35g
  •  Gross weight:40g
  •  Static power consumption:<0.5W
  •  Output current:<2A*3CH(each circuit)
  •  Output power: 5V:<30W, 12V:<72W24v:<144w

External dimension:

(controller size )

(Remote size)

Connection description:

Power input :5.5×2.1mm female DC connector

Signal output port:2.54mm female 4 pins connector

Direction for use:

  1. The match code instructions:

Press the key      2 seconds within 4 seconds when power the controller, matched success when the led strip flashing. Rematch code need power the controller again.

  1. Remote control function instructions:

There are 10 buttons on the remote, the functions are as below:


Auto play key. Cycle all the dynamic modes 3 times.

  Static color change, and turn it into static modes from the dynamic modes.

Brightness +/-, and turn it into static modes from the dynamic mode, 5 levels.

Dynamic modes +/-, and turn it into dynamic modes from the static modes.

Speed +/-, and turn it into dynamic modes from the static modes, 10 levels.

 Red, Green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white color keys.

3、This controller’s sequence is RGB order, in case of other sequence(BRG/GRB) will appear in the other effect. Based on sequence of RGB, pattern are as follows:




 Dynamic mode

NO. Mode NO. Mode NO. Mode
  1 7 color fade 8 Purple fade in and fade out 15 Blue blasting flash
  2 3 color fade in and fade out 9 Blue fade in and fade out 16 Purple blasting flash
  3 7 color fade in and fade out 10 3 Color Jump 17 Yellow blasting flash
  4 White fade in and fade out 11 6 color Jump 18 White blasting flash
  5 Green fade in and fade out 12 3 color flash 19 3 color blasting flash
  6 Yellow fade in and fade out 13 Red blasting flash    
  7 Red fade in and fade out 14 Green blasting flash    





 Static mode

NO. Mode NO. Mode NO. Mode
  1 Red 8 Milk-white 15 Blue-purple
  2 Green 9 Dark yellow 16 Yellow-white
  3 Blue 10 Sky blue 17 yellow
  4 White 11 Brown 18 cyan
  5 Orange 12 Pink-white 19 purple
  6 Light green 13 Light-yellow 20 Blue-white

Typical Applications:


  • This products Input voltage is DC5-24V,other input voltage are not allowed.
  • Lead wire should be connected correctly,according to the wire color and the connecting diagram offers.
  • Overload are prohibite