Digital Led Strip Color Changing Lights

SK6813, WS2813, P943 IC type

  1. Two data line, two power lines, 12mm wide PCB, built-in IC(six feet), 256 gray grade, by the controller, get single color,gradient, running water, race, text, numbers, English, pictures, animation and any other effect.
  2. Break-point continuous transmission.
  3. Built-in IC: It is a small conponents and high in pixels.
  4. 5V is individual controller.
  5.  12V is 3pcs per group, 1 pixel and 2 normal RGB.
  6. 24V is 6pcs per group, 1 pixel and 5 normal RGB.
  7. 5V connect 3 meters with one power; 12V 5M, and 24V 10M, save power supplier and easy control.