Color Changing Lights Digital Led Strip

SK6813, WS2813, P943 IC Type

  1. Two Data Line, Two Power Lines, 12mm Wide Pcb, Built-in IC (Six Feet), 256 Gray Grade, by the Controller, Get Single Color,gradient, Running Water, Race, Text, Numbers, English, Pictures, Animation and Any Other Effect.
  2. Break-Point Continuous Transmission.
  3. Built-in IC: It is a Small Conponents and High in Pixels.
  4. 5V is Individual Controller.
  5. 12v is 3pcs Per Group, 1 Pixel and 2 Normal RGB.
  6. 24v is 6pcs Per Group, 1 Pixel and 5 Normal RGB.
  7. 5v Connect 3 Meters With One Power; 12V 5m, and 24V 10m, Save Power Supplier and Easy Control.