1 , What is LED Pixel bar?

LED Pixel Bar is an RGB magic color rigid bar. Divided into: LED Pixel bar and Rainbow LED Pixel tube. It consists of a addressable led strip and a hard light bar. Both of these two models are very convenient to install and disassemble, and can be assembled into various shapes to meet the needs of different customers. The difference is that one is front-lit, and the other is circular 360-degree light.

  • The LED Pixel bar has four different shapes, because the masks are different, the lighting effect is also different, the round mask has no light spots and is the most popular:
  • The size of Rainbow LED Pixel is 360-degree light-emitting circle is also 24V, because 360-degree light is required. So put two light strips in one tube. The length is: 0.5M or 1M. Different lengths can also be customized.

For more details, please see the product link:

LED Pixel bar

Rainbow LED Pixel

The engineering is very carefully considered, and there are many different connectors that can be easily disassembled and installed into various shapes by hand.

” Y ” Connecting Rod

” T ” Connecting Rod

” X ” Connecting Rod

” Six legs ” Connecting Rod

Stereoscopic  Rod(Use with L, Y, T, X, six legs Rod)

 ” L ” Connecting Rod

120° Two-Angle Connecting Rod

Arbitrary Angle Connector

Cables of different lengths are more convenient to connect, and there are amplifiers to ensure signal output.

Here are some engineering case videos:

2,  What is the difference between LED Pixel bar and addressable led strip

In many places, addressable led strip can be used instead of LED Pixel bar to express some effects that need to be displayed. But there are several points that can not be replaced by the addressable led strip: LED Pixel bar is a hard light bar, and the addressable led strip is a flexible strip ; because the LED Pixel bar has many accessories, it is very easy to install and remove manually, and it can be better To meet the changing requirements of stage lighting, it is not limited to a certain shape, and can be changed into different shapes, which can be replaced when needed, which saves both cost and time.

3,  Application

Mainly used in Stage lights,night club, and outdoor projects.


4,  What are the main features 

It’s 24V individually addressable control, can be install to any shape only by hands, 80M connect without voltage drop, with our controller no need driver , compatible with DMX512 , SPI, Matrix.

5, FAQ

5 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

5.1 , Is the LED Pixel bar waterproof?

Yes, it can be waterproof. And be used on outside.

5.2,How many LED in a pixel?

64pcs SMD per meter.

5.3,Is the LED Pixel bar easy to install?

Yes, it’s very easy to connect . can be connect by hands.

5.4,Is there a matching control system?

Yes, sure, it’s have controller to control it.

5.5,How long will it take to receive the goods after placing the order?

   Normally we have stock. 3-5 working days for production. And 5-7 working days for shipping.