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Different widths of the LED strip lights:

As far as possible, the LED strip lights can be made to any width. It can be from 3mm to 1M. But no one will do it this way. Generally, there are some widths on the market: 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm. If we can make width less than 3mm? It is theoretically impossible, this depends on the size of the SMD on the LED strip lights. The PCB is used for wiring, so it must be larger than the lamp beads.

Why do LED strip lights have different widths?

 There are several reasons:

Considering heat dissipation, adjust the width of the PCB of the LED strip lights according to the density of the light beads. The denser the beads, the wider the board.

Consider wiring: Some products have different functional requirements, for example: some Addressable led strips require several different wires, two data wires, two power wires, so the engineer will consider how to wire 4 - 5 wires to achieve the function.


Different sizes of different LED strip lights after waterproofing:

The waterproof effect is achieved. Except the Gel coating waterproof and nano waterproof will not change the width of the light strip, any other type of waterproof will change the width of the light strip. Generally speaking, Gel coating and IP67 Silicone Tube add 2mm to the original width. IP68 Glue filling adds 3-4mm on the original basis.

LED strip lights width and use position:

Because of the different requirements for the width of different application sites, some products or application sites can only use the specified width. Customize board width if needed.