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From the Classification of LED Lamp It Can Be Divided Into:

3mm and 5mm LED Lights Emitting Diodes Piranha LED SMD LED High Power LED

Please See Below Details Pictures:

3mm and 5mm LED Lights Emitting Diodes
Piranha LED
High Power LED
High-Power LED Are Not Suitable for Use on LED Strip Light. Because the Strips Are Soft PCB Boards, and Soft PCB is Not Good for Heat Dissipation. If the Heat Dissipation Problem Cannot Be Solved, The Conversion of Thermal Energy Into Light Energy Will Not Achieve the Desired Light Effect, and the Life of the LED Strip Will Be Greatly Decreased Due to Overheating. The Biggest Advantage of the Flexible PCB Board is the Softness. If a Large Aluminum Slot is Added Behind the Flexible Strip, the Meaning of the Soft Strip is Lost. So Basically No One in the Market Use High Power LED to Make This.
In 2000, the Most Factories Were Use 3mm and 5mm LED Lights Emitting Diodes. Because the Lamps Are 2 Feet Are Not Good on the Machine, Most of Them Can Only Be Done by Hand, So the Labor Cost is High, the Output Does Not Come, and Manual Operation Brings Many Problems, Such as Product Defects Caused by the Staff's Welding Technology Not Being in Place, Production Time is Too Long, Aging, and Always Found Problems When Testing.
Since 2008, SMD's Package Form Has Gradually Become the Mainstream to Replace the 3mm and 5mm Led Lights Emitting Diodes. The Lamp Bead Models Used on the LED Strip Are: 2835, 3528, 5050, 5630, 335, 020, 2110, 2116, 3014, Etc.
From the figure below we can see that all model names are related to it’s size. It is intuitive to understand that the 5050 size is larger than 2835; 3528 and 2835 are long and wide interchangeable, 020 and 335 are side viewing type; the three models 3014, 2110, 2216 are small, but 2110 is the smallest:

Different Sizes of Lamp Beads Have Their Own Characteristics:

The More Common Ones Are: 2835 and 5050.
2835 (24-26LM) VS 3528(7-9LM) Before 2012, Many Customers Prefer 3528. With the Continuous Improvement of Technology, the Brightness of 2835 Has Been Greatly Improved. The Conventional One is 0.2W, Because the Output is Increasing, and the Price is Similar to That of 3528. So Gradually Replaced the 3528 Led Strip to Become the Mainstream. The 2835 LED Strips Has Another Feature. It is Thinner Than the 3528, So It is More Flat and Not Easy to Break When It is Waterproof. 5050 (20-22LM) VS 2835 (24-26LM) The 5050 Normally Does 60 LED Per Meter, Which is About the Same as the Price of 2835 120 LED Per Meter. However, the Brightness of the 2835 LED Strip is Much Higher. The Normal Brightness of a 5050 is 20-22LM, and the Brightness of 2835 is: 24-26LM. Usually 2835 is a Light of 0.2W. 120PCS X 0.2W = 24W, We Will Not Do 24W Considering the Heat Dissipation Problem, and the Control is Generally Around 14W. In This Way, When the 2835 Strip Does Not Need to Be Supplied With Full Current During Use, It Can Provide Sufficient Brightness to Ensure a Long Service Life. Simply Put, in the Case of Similar Costs, the Light Bar Has a Longer Service Life and Higher Luminous Efficiency. 2216 VS 2110 VS 3014 These Three Lamp Beads Are Used to Make Small and High Density LED Strip. Because of Its Small Size, a Maximum of 700 LED Can Be Placed on a 10-Wide PCB, Because the SMD That is Small and Dense is Better, More Uniform, and Does Not See Dots. Put It in the Aluminum Bar and It Becomes a Dot Free LED Light Bar. This Year, a COB LED Strip Were Developed, Which Directly Binds the Chips Bead to the Pcb, and Then Adds Fluorescence to the Surface of the Lamp Bead to Adjust It to White Color. The Situation That the Dot is Not Visible is Better Than the Small Lamp Bead Such as 2110. Because No Need to Make Chips to Be SMD, It’s Save a Process, It Has a Cost Advantage Over the 2110 LED Strip. It is a New Hotspot for Many Experts. For Details, Please See the Link:

Here is the COB LED Strips Picture:

020 and 335
These Two LED Strips Belong to the Side-Emitting Type, Which is Different From the Front Side of Other Lamp Beads. 020 is the Side Illumination of Rgb, and 335 is the Side Illumination Bead of White Light.
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