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Neon led strip lights which is silicon flexible type, IP67 waterproof, Anti yellowing, high transparent silicone deliver super clarity and brightness, Bottom transparent window, visible cut point.

Specially for building, home , gaming rooms, bedroom, kitchen, decorate, or sign such as: neon open letter sign, neon bar lights, neon word lights, personalized led sign.


When make this neon strip the inside led strip must use lead-free high-temperature solder paste, and the 3-ounce FPC uses double-sided rolled copper because the temperature will reach 160-180 degrees Celsius during extrusion.

Compare Neon led strip with all kinds of other led strips:

Compare Items Silicon Neon strip Silicon glue strip PU glue strip PVC neon strip Silicon Tube strip
Colloidal transparency 95% 98% 98% 95% 90%
Colloid elongation at break 500% 100% 100% 100% 100%
UV resistant Excellent Excellent Not good Not good Normal
High and low temperature resistance -60 ℃ -300℃ -30℃-150℃ -10℃-80℃ -60℃-300℃ -60℃-300℃
Resistance to weak acid and alkali salts Good Normal Not good Not good Normal
Environmental protection Food grade Normal Not good Not good Normal
Thermal conductivity 0.3-0.5 0.2 No No 0.3-0.5
Colloidal hardness (Shore A) 70-80 30-50 50-60 More than 80 70-80

Flexible neon rope have many colors such as:

digital RGB, and single color: pink, red, blue, green, cool white, yellow, orange, or purple neon tube lighting.

The voltage for addressable RGB type have 5V, 12V, 24V input type, 5V is individual control, 12V is 3pcs SMD per IC, 24V is 6pcs SMD per IC. For single color normally make 12V or 24V, also 12V is 3pcs SMD per group, and 24V is 6pcs SMD per group.

In order to meet different customers using requests, there have many different size of the neon led strip, including side viewing emitting: 6x12mm; 7x14mm; 8x10mm; 9.5x12x22mm; 9.5x18mm; front emitting: 8x10mm; 14x12mm; 15x15mm; 16.8x14.5mm; 10x10mm, we also can make any size as customer request.

LED strip brightness is depends on which kind of led strip inside and how many watt per meter. For single color we always put 2835 SMD 120pcs per meter led strip inside which is 14.4W, and for addressable led strip we put 5050 SMD 60pcs per meter inside which is 9.6W. So if have any request for brightness just add led or add watt per meter will be OK.

There always have clips, screw, end caps help cut and install neon led strip. We always provide whole solution for your installation which including: controller, power supply, customize size strip, extension cables, male female connectors and install drawing . With all this you just connect the connectors and easy install without any problems.

All the strips are past CE, Rosh, Reach certifications. And we are not only make it, we update all certification once it have the new items.


Do you have DC or AC LED neon flex? which one you think is best for each of my applications and stability and lifetime of the LED neon flex DC or AC, and why?


We have DC led neon flex, also have AC but AC not as popular as DC.
(you ask very good questions) DC will much better than AC. Because:

1, the cover material is different, AC normally PVC, and DC is silicon. Silicon is much better for anti UV, and anti yellow.

2, DC can make addressable RGB type, but AC can not.

3, DC can make 12-14W, AC normally 10-12W, means DC will brighter than AC.