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What is CRI?

The color of LED is divided into:

red light: 615-650, orange: 600-610, yellow: 580-595, yellow-green: 565-575, green: 495-530, blue light: 450-480, purple: 370-410, White light: white light excited by blue light chip 450-465 plus florescent light.

Color rendering index refers to:

usually called color rendering index (Ra). Color rendering refers to the relationship between the true color of a thing (its own color) and the color displayed under a standard light source. Simply say, it is to judge the color of the led light to restore the sunlight. The higher the index, the closer the light is to sunlight.

So the explicit means generally refers to white light. His full name is:

Color Rendering Index. The main color of CRI> 95 have: Color temperature : 2600-2800K 2900-3200K 3800-4300K 5000-5500K 6000-6500K.

It is not difficult to see here that the more yellow the color, the narrower the range, and the more the color The wider the range when white or even bluish.

For example:

2600-2800K differs only 200K, but 6000-6500K differs by 500K. The color of the light bar is consistent within this range. The more warm color the better to make higher CRI. It ’means if you need make CRI> 98, to make 2800K is easier to make 6500K. 

What color is the different color temperature? 

The following figure fully explains the meaning of different color temperatures:


CRI classification? And the application.

The most important points are: CRI> 75; CRI> 80; CRI> 90; Generally speaking, most of the light strip are already capable of 80 indications, and few are below 80. The 90 index is between 80 and 90, the price is much lower than the 95 index, but the index is still quite good. The 90 sign can be used in places where the sign is required, such as interior decoration. Lighting, strong background. The 95 CRI is mainly used for photography lights and photography places.

What are the advantages of high CRI led strip? 

The higher the index, the closer it is to natural light. It is more conducive to see the most true colors of things.

  • CRI means color rendering index,R1-R15 it make color more comfortable ,goods more vivid.
  • R9 is red display, the higher R9 ,the better effect of irradiation in fruit,flowers and other occasions.
  • LEDWorker lighting high CRI strip normally higher than 95 even 98.

What R1-R15 stands for:

R1 to R15 in the color rendering index represent the colors under sunlight, respectively. Color name Munsell label R1: light gray red 7.5R 6/4

R2: dark gray yellow 5.0Y 6/4

R3: saturated yellow-green 5.0GY 6/8

R4: medium yellow-green 2.5G 6/6

R5: light blue-green 10.0BG 6/4

R6: light blue 5.0PB 6/8

R7: Lilac blue 2.5P 6/8

R8: light red purple 10.0P 6/8

R9: saturated red 4.5R 4/13

R10 saturated yellow 5.0Y 8/10

R11 saturated green 4.5G 5/8

R12 saturated blue 3.0PB 3/11

R13 Caucasian complexion 5.0YR 8/4

R14 leaf green 5.0GY 4/4

R15 yellow complexion The color rendering index Ra is the average of the color rendering index of the first 8 colors. The special application of the strip light has higher requirements for R9 saturated red 4.5R 4/13. 

RS light strip series R1 ~ R15 values:

Ra 70 light strip:


Different CRI strip show different effects:


It is not difficult to see from the test report of LEDWorker's high CRI led strip that the display indicators of the led strip are quite good, and R9 also reached 94.5 at the same time:


What's the TLCI? 

1.The TLCI index(the Television Lighting Consistency Index) refer to the camera's ability to distinguish colors,reflect the camera,the degree of light color reception and reproduction. 2.The TLCI index can be used to test the spectral energy distribution of the light source through a spectral radiation tester, and then use software to calculate the TLCI test result.


The relationship between High CRI and waterproof: 

Highly CRI led strips are generally not make glued waterproof, because silicone glue will slightly change the color of the light strip and change the indicator of the light strip. Therefore, it is not recommended to use IP65 waterproof glue for the light strip, but the put in tube strip and Neon strip are good choices to achieve the waterproof function without affecting the CRI. 

The relationship between the high CRI and brightness:

 It is not difficult to see from the following led spectral distribution diagram that the color temperature cannot be used to indicate the required color. For example, 2800-3000K is a range. The colors in this range can be reddish, greenish, yellowish,and blueish


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