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What is COB Led Strip?

The Full Name of the COB Led Strip is: Chip on Board, Which is a Method of Directly Binding the Led Chips to the Pcb Board.

The Ordinary Light Strip is Made of Chip on the Support, and Made Into SMD. Then Put the Smd on the PCB. This Saves a Lot of Space on PCB and Cost.

Because It Saves Space, More LED Can Be Added. Generally, The 2835 Strip Light Can Hold a Maximum of 120 SMD Per Meter, and the COB Can Hold 640 Chips or More.

And Because the Cost of Mounting the Chip on the Support is Saved, the Price of the COB Led Strip is Much Cheaper Than the Same Number of Led Strips.


COB Led Strip Advantages:

1. The Price is Cheaper and Easy to Use.

2. Electrical Stability, Circuit Design, Optical Design, and Heat Dissipation Design Are Scientific and Reasonable.

3. High Color Rendering, Uniform Light Emission, No Light Spots, Dot Free, Health and Environmental Protection.

When the Led Strip is Placed in the Aluminum Profile, You Will See the Dots of the LED. Obviously 2835 5050 and Even 2110 Will Have This Problem, but When We Use COB, There Will Be No Such Problem, Only COB Led Strip is a Product of Dot Free.


Please See the Pictures as Below:

2110SMD Led Strip With Aluminum Profile:

2835SMD Led Strip With Aluminum Profile:

5050SMD Led Strip With Aluminum Profile:

COB SMD Led Strip With Aluminum Profile:


Application of COB Led Strip:

Because the Led Strip is Flexible, It Can Be Used for: KTV, Bar, Etc. As Decoration; for Shopping Malls, Counters, for Auxiliary Lighting; for Home Decoration; for Hotel Decoration; for Museums, Showrooms and Other Public Utilities.


Is the Life Time of Cob Led Strip Longer Than Ordinary Led Strip?

The Process of Cob Light Bar is Not Much Different From Ordinary Light Bar, So the Life is the Same.


Can the COB Led Strip Be Cut?

COB Light Strips Can Be Cut: COB Light Strips Currently Do 378Pcs Per Meter and 504Pcs Per Meter. 378Pcs Can Be Cut at Every 55.5mm Per Meter; 504Pcs Can Be Cut at Every 41.67mm Per Meter.


What Are the Color Temperatures of COB Led Strip?

Conventional Color Temperatures Are: 2700/3000/4000 / 6000k.

If You Need Other Colors Please Contact Use.


Can COB Led Strip Be Waterproof?

Yes, The COB Led Strip can be waterproof. Normally it can do Extruded Silicon waterproof and Put in tube waterproof which same as below pictures. For Extruded silicon it can be make 50M even 100M per reels. For put in tube type we suggest 5M per reel.

Extruded Silicone waterproof

Put in tube waterproof

COB Light Bar Brightness and Ra(CRI):

The Test Sample Details as Below: DC24V 504Pcs Per Meter 3000k.
The Following Test Report Clearly Tells Us That When the COB Led Strip Ra is at 80, the Brightness is at 1562.29Lm, About 110Lm / W.

Here Have More Request for the COB Led Strip Contact Us Freely.