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What is Addressable Led Strip?

  • Led Strips With ICs Are Collectively Called Addressable Led Strips.
  • There Are Many English Names: Addressable Led Strip, Digital Led Strip, Led Pixel Strips, Which Are a Type of Led Strip That Can Achieve Chasing, Flowing, And Magic Color Effects.
  • The Biggest Advantage of the Addressable Led Strip is That It Can Control Each RGB or Rgbw SMD Through IC to Achieve the Full Color Effect.
  • Only the Addressable Led Strip Can Realize the Different Colors of Each SMD in on One Strip. We Call It Full Color.

Classification of Addressable Led Strip:

Divided by IC:

  1. Built in IC: WS2812b, WS2813, WS2815, SK6812, SK6813, SK9822, P943, P9423F, P9411, APA102, APA104, GS8812 and More.
  2. External Ic: WS2801, WS2821, WS2811, LPD8806, TM1803, TM1804, DMX512, UCS512, UCS1903 and More.

Below is The Picture:

Divided by Voltage:

5V, 12V, 24V.
The 12V, 24V Type Can Be Individual Control Which Means Control Every SMD, And 1IC Control Several SMD Means 1 IC Control 3Pcs Led or Control 6Pcs Led, in This Link There Have More Explain:

Divided by Color: 

White, RGB and Rgbw, All ICs Can Make RGB. Possible Ic for Rgbw Are: SK6812, P9412, DMX512. White Color is Generally Used WS2811 IC.

Divided by Number of SMD:

30LED/M; 32LED/M; 40LED/M; 48LED/M; 60LED/M; 72LED/M; 144LED/M.

Divided by SMD Type:

Most Addressable Led Strip Are Used 5050 SMD.
3528 SMD for Addressable Led Strip With Small Size Requirements.
And Side Viewing is: 020 SMD.

Divided by Signal:

SPI Signal Light and DMX Signal Light Strip. Except for DMX512, All Others Are SPI Signals.


Addressable Led Strip Mainly Used In:

Mainly Used in Ktv, Bars, Building Facades, Parks, Etc.


What is the Difference Between Different ICs:

The Difference Between IC is Different Manufacturers, SK Series is One Manufactures, APA, WS, P, Are All Different Package Manufacturer Codes. But There Are Also Differences in The Same Series. Take the SK Series as an Analogy:
SK6812 5v is Individual Control, But He is Not Breakpoint Continue. The Function With Breakpoint Continue Transmission is SK6813.
SK6812 Can Do RGB and RGBw, But SK6813 Does Not Do RGBw.
SK6812 Has a Mini Model, Which is 3535; Board Width Can Be 4mm, 5mm Wide.
SK9822 is Two Wire Transmission Channel, Used to Replace APA102.

The Following Table Explains the Different ICs.

  IC type Voltage SMD / M IC type Advantages LED Picture
Inside IC WS2812B 5V 30,60,72,144leds/m 1 IC 1 pixel
(Build in IC
Individual control
Not breakpoint continue
SK6812 5V 30,60,72,144leds/m 1 IC 1 pixel
(Build in IC
Cheaper than ws2801
APA102,DMX strips
Hot-selling products
P9412 5V 30,60,72,144leds/m 1 IC 1 pixel
(Build in IC
4 IN 1 IC type
P943 5V 30,60,72,144leds/m 1 IC 1 pixel
(Build in IC
Individual control
breakpoint continue transmission
12V 30,60leds/m 1 IC driver 2
leds on PCB
Dual signal wires version
breakpoint continue transmission
24V 30,60leds/m 1 IC driver 5
leds on PCB
Dual signal wires version
breakpoint continue transmission
SK9822 5V,12V,24V 60leds/m,144leds/m 1 IC 1 pixel
(Build in IC
with SLK function
suitable for large pixel
Project no delay
APA102 5V 30,32,60,72,144leds/m 1 IC 1 pixel
(Build in IC
APA102 is dual singnal line output,data transfer faster.
External IC LPD8806
5V 32,48,52,60leds/m 1 IC driver 3
leds on PCB
ws2801 Double signal
DMX512 5V 32,40leds/m, Meet DMX512 function
DMX512 12V 30 leds/m Meet DMX512 function
DMX512 24V 60leds/m Meet DMX512 function
WS2811 5V 30,48,60leds/m DC12V full of power
high brightness

In Fact, All Ics Can Have Different Package Forms. The Above Are Our Regular Products.
The Waterproof Form of the Addressable Led Strip is Similar to the Waterproof Form of Our Conventional Light Strip. For Details,


Please See:

We Can Provide Installation Drawings According to Your Actual Installation Site. The Following Are the Drawings We Have Made for Other Customers:

So if You Have Any Project Needs to Do, Please Contact Us Directly, We Can Provide the Corresponding Products According to Your Design, or We Can Make Your Satisfactory Design According to Your Requirements.