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Controller is an important accessory not to be missed in led strips lighting applications. With the controller, there are more variations of the led strip. User-friendly operation.


The controllers are classified as: dimming controller, color temperature controller, RGB controller, RGBW controller, RGB + W controller, DMX512Controller, Triac controller, 0-10V, 1-10VController, Dali Controller, Symphony Controller, power amplifier, ZigBee Controller.


Use of different Controllers with different led strips lights:

The dimming controller is generally used with a white led strips light to adjust the brightness of the led strips. Any of our dimming remote controllers and dimming controllers can be used together. PWM dimming, 0-100% smooth flicker-free dimming, 256-level brightness, 4096-level grayscale


The color temperature controller is used to adjust the color temperature, which is mainly used for dual color temperature light strips, which can be adjusted from 2800K to 8000K.


The RGB Controller controls the RGB led strips light, and with the remote control, there are more than 7 colors.


RGBW and RGB + W both control 4 color led strips light. The difference is that RGBW is a 4-in-1 led strips which means 4 colors in one led and RGB + W is an RGB + W led strips light which is one RGB led add one white color led .


DMX512 Controller is a professional magic light strip DMX512 Controller.
It’s digital display, set the DMX decoding start address through the button. and support RDM function, can realize the intercommunication between DMX master and decoder. There are 1-24 channels to choose from, and the PWM frequency is 2000 / 500Hz to choose from.
Green terminal, XLR3 and RJ45 port DMX signal input.


Triac dimming series includes TRIAC dimming panel, RF to TRIAC dimmer, DMX to TRIAC decoder, leading edge phase cutting and trailing phase phase dimming, suitable for LED constant voltage and constant current led strips light achieve smooth flicker-free dimming.


0-10V, 1-10VController, standard 0 / 1-10V signal, compatible with Lutron, Bunge, Schneider, Osram, Philips, ABB and other lighting control systems


Dali Controller, DALI Digital Addressable Lighting Interface Interface) is a data transmission protocol that defines electronic ballasts and equipment control communication between controllers. Proposed by Philips, it is most widely used in indoor lighting control and dimming systems.

The DALI protocol is not a system with various complex control functions, but is only a data transmission protocol for a lighting control subsystem. The DALI protocol is established based on the master-slave control model, and the controller operates the entire system through the master controller.


Addressable Controller is a kind of Controller for SPI signals. Divided into Controller (receiver), remote control and amplifier. Power amplifier


ZigBee Controller, in the field of intelligent hardware and the Internet of Things, the well-known ZigBee is known to everyone. In addition to wifi and Bluetooth, ZigBee is one of the most important wireless communication protocols at present. It is mainly used in the fields of Internet of Things and intelligent hardware.



The details to pay attention to when choosing the Controller:


  1. Consider voltage:Conventional controllers are wide voltages, 12-24VDC, 5-36VDC, and the appropriate controller voltage should be selected in consideration of the input voltage of the led strips light.


  1. Consider channel issues. A Controller may have 1-4 channels and some may have 8 channels. One channel refers to one route. The output current must be considered when selecting the Controller. For example: 4 channels, each channel ≤ 8A,


  1. Consider power issues. Select the appropriate Controller based on the input voltage and power of the led strips light used. For example: 5V <40W, 12V <96W, 24V <192W, 36V <288W, it should be noted that: Generally, about 20% of the power used should be reserved. For example: 5050 60led per meter strip is 12W per meter, 10M is 120W, we choose at least 120 x 1.2 = 144W controller.


  1. Consider the control range, partition and remote control issues. When you want to control several different rooms at the same time, you can choose the remote control zone: Zone 4, and also consider the remote control distance: (for example: 30 meters)


  1. Consider the issue of mutual control between the remote control and the Controller.Each Controller can match up to 10 remote controllers, and each remote controller can match an unlimited number of Controllers (such as a four-zone remote controller, each zone can remotely control an unlimited number of Controllers).


How to make it easier to use controller?


There are so many types of controllers, through the above considerations, you can choose the Controller you need. But how to use Controller easily? First of all, you need to understand the Controller function you need, whether you need a dimming function or a color change function. Also understand the environment you are using in a room? Or a few different rooms? If you are not sure, you can confirm with the factory engineers. Professional led strips light manufacturers need to cooperate with the Controller supplier to complete customer needs. Our company will not only provide the male and female connectors between the led strips light and the Controller to make connection very convenient, but also provide connection diagrams so that you have no worries at all.