Product Description: 

Aluminum RF 28 Keys RGB controller adopted the advanced computer control chip. Its mainly used to controlled all kinds of constant voltage led lights,such as:LED source, LED strips,led wall washer,wall Glass curtain lights,etc.It integrated with easy connection,simple manipulation and power off memory function.User can choose the 7 color jump, fade,fash mode ,and the lights brightness are adjustable according to the user actual requirement.

Technical Parameters:

  • Working temperature:-20-60℃
  • Input voltage:DC12~24V
  • Output:3 circuit
  • Connection modeCommon anode
  • Controller size:L130×W65×H25mm
  • package size:L135×W80×H55mm
  • Net weight:190g
  • Gross weight:210g
  • Static power consumption:<1W
  • Output current:<4A/ch  or <8A/ch (optional)
  • Output power: 12V/4A < 144W;12V/8A< 288W;24V/4A< 288W;24V/8A< 576W

External dimension:  

(controller size)     

(Remote control size)



Connection description:

Power input interface(port 1):

Adopt the DC power seat as a power input interface.

Power input interface (port2):

Adopt the plug seat with screw.

Load output interface:

Adopt the plug seat with plug.

Remote control function:

RF 28 key remote control function Key function details specification
ON/OFF Turn ON/OFF the controller.
Speed/brightness adjust key Press this two keys to increase/decrease the brightness when in Static mode ;press these two keys to increase/decrease the changing speed when in dynamic models.
Static color mode hot key Can be choose the red fast by the hot key
DIY brightness adjust key Press the DIY key to address the Green,Red,Blue color brightness to choose the specific color
DIY mode key Press this Key to save the DIY color you adjust be the DIY brightness adjust key
DIY JUMP Cycle Mode button Press this key to realize all the color setting by DIY to JUMP
3 color JUMP Hot key Press this key can be realized the 3 color jump fastly.
7 color JUMP Hot key Press this key can be realized the 7 color jump fastly.
3 color FADE Hot key Press this key can be realized the 3 color fade fastly.
7 color FADE Hot key Press this key can be realized the 7 color fade fastly
SPARK Dynamic mode Hot key Press this button can achieve fireworks effect model.

Direction for use:

  • Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power;
  • Adopt wireless control method, 28 keys in total, function of each button as below:
  • This RF28keys controller have match code version and not match code version for optional.For the match code version, if you want to match code again, just simply need to press      within 6 seconds when power the controller.(remarks:this function just for the match code version only)
Brightness + Brightness – pause ON/OFF
Static red Static green Static blue Static white
Static orange Static cyan Static dark blue milk-white
Static yellow Static light blue Static purple Green-white
Static light yellow Static sky blue Static brown Blue-white
Red brightness + Green brightness + Blue brightness + Speed +
Red brightness – Green brightness – Blue brightness – Speed –
DIY 1 DIY 2 DIY 3 Auto
DIY 4 DIY 5 DIY 6 stroboflash
3 color jump 7 color jump 3 color fade 7 color fade

Typical Applications:


  • This products Input voltage is DC12-24V,other input voltage are not allowed.
  • Lead wire should be connected correctly,according to the wire color and the connecting diagram offers.
  • Overload are prohibited.