Aluminium  Profile  for LED Strips

1,What is led Aluminum profile?
2,Classification by application
3, How to choose LED Channel?
4,Advantages of LEDWorker lighting Aluminum profile
5,How to mount LED strip to aluminum profile
6, FAQ
6.1,Which better? deep or shallow aluminum channel.
6.2,Does the shape of the plastic cover matter?
6.3,What led strip density should you use?
6.4,How to make aluminum channel high brightness and dot free?
6.5,Can I OEM or ODM the aluminum profile?

1What is led Aluminum profile?

LED Strip Aluminum profile is also called: LED Diffusers Channel. It is an aluminum profile used in different places together with the led strip. The components of the aluminum profile are: aluminum groove, cover, clips, end caps and screws.

2Classification by application

(10)Skirting light series

3How to choose LED Channel?

3.1, Choose the Shape of aluminum profile.

Firstly, need decided the shape of LED aluminum channel, surface-mounted shape or corner light. It depends on where you use it? Surface mounted series is the most popular profile, which can be used on flat surfaces; corner light is generally used in corners because it has a 45-degree angle; in-ground light is mainly used on stairs and ground.

3.2, Choose the size of aluminum profile

After determining the shape of the aluminum profile, confirm the size. Similar shapes will have many different sizes to choose. There are three aspects to consider when choosing the size:

One is the size requirements of location where the aluminum profile is placed. The second is the width of the aluminum strip to ensure that the LED light strip has enough space to be placed. In addition, consider The depth of the aluminum profile determines whether the lighting effect of the led strip can meet the requirements.

3.3, Choose the cover

Regular covers come in several different styles: black, opal diffuser, milky diffuser, frosted, transparent, and the most popular of these: milky diffuser. With a little milky white, it is not so easy to see the LEDs, and it also has better light transmission.

3.4, Choose led strip

The fourth step is to choose the right LED Strip, including:

Color: The color chosen by the designer, the conventional ones are: red, yellow, blue, green, white, dual-color, 4IN1, RGB or Addressable color, etc. The following are some specially recommended styles:

RGBW 4in1 

Addressable RGB

COB Single Color

COB Dual Color

2835 White

5050 White

Voltage:voltage matching the power supply, 5V, 12V, 24V

Width:Suitable width to fit into the selected aluminum channel

Density of LED:30 LED per meter,60 LED per meter,120 LED per meter,or COB led strips,the more the number of lamp beads, the more dot free.

4Advantages of LEDWorker lighting Aluminum profile

4.1, The product variety is rich.

There are many varieties aluminum profile from LEDWorker lighting for customers to choose. There are different sizes, different covers, and different end cups, which can be matched at will, and can be used in cabinet lights, furniture, interior decoration, shopping malls, buried lights, footings, etc.

4.2, A variety of LED strip to choose from.

In addition to aluminum profiles, there are also many types of led strips, ranging from different waterproof grades, colors, PCB widths, voltage, power, LED density, different SMD models, etc.

4.3, OEM, ODM

According to the customer’s requirements, the length and size can be achieved. The led strips is installed in the factory and the test is done. It does not need the customer to weld it by himself, and it can be used after getting it. If you still can’t find your suitable size in our huge product system, we can open the abrasive tool for you and customize the relevant size.

4.4, Material advantage

Thickened aluminum grid, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, cutting without deformation. Milky white diffuser, no glare, no light leakage, high transmittance, yellowing resistance. Over-alkali oxidation process, new material, not easy to age.

5,How to mount LED strip to aluminum profile?

Step 1: Prepare all materials including: aluminum profile, led strips, Cover, cut all materials to the required size.

Step 2: Clean the inside of the aluminum , then tear off the adhesive behind the led strips, and gently align the strips

Step 3: Check whether it can light up.

Step 4: Cover both ends with plugs.

Step 5: Install the end caps and light it up again.

6, FAQ

6.1,Which better? deep or shallow aluminum channel.

This is determined according to the needs. Generally speaking, a deep profile and a milky white cover can better dot free. If you need higher brightness, you can choose a shallow profile + transparent cover.

6.2,Does the shape of the plastic cover matter?

Yes, different covers have different effects. Black Cover has a certain decorative effect. The milky white can make the LED less obvious.

6.3,what led strip density should you use?

The density of the lamp beads is related to the customer’s requirements: if there are requirements for high brightness, it is recommended to use 2835 120 led per meter strips; if there are requirements for dot free, it is recommended to use COB strips; if there are requirements for cost, it is recommended to use 30 led per meter strip.

6.4,How to make aluminum channel high brightness and dot free?

If you wants soft diffuse light with no hot spots and no visible individual LED dots, we can use high brightness led strip with deep aluminum channel and milky cover to achieve your request.

6.5,Can I OEM or ODM the aluminum profile?

Yes, you can, tell us the size you need, the cover color, and which kind of strip do you need. We will make it right size for you.

If you have any request or question , welcome to contact us.