SPI Signal Splitter

Model No.: SA

DC5-24V/Dual Way Amplifier or Splitter


● Split 1 Group SPI Signal (Data+Clock) to 2 Group SPI Signals.
● Used With SPI Controller, Applied to Synchronous Control Multiple SPI Digital RGB or RGBW LED Strips.

Technical Parameters

Input and Output
Input Voltage 5-24VDC
Input Current 0.5A Max.
Input Signal 1 Group SPI (TTL) Signal
Output Signal 2 Group SPI (TTL) Signals
Safety and EMC
EMC Standard (EMC) EN301 489, EN 62479
Safety Standard (LVD) EN60950
Radio  Equipment (RED) EN300 328
Certification CE, EMC, LVD
Warranty and Protection
Warranty 5 Years
Protection Reverse Polarity
Operation Temperature Ta: -30 °C ~ +55 °C
Case Temperature (Max.) Tc: +85°C
IP Rating IP20

Mechanical Structures and Installations

Wiring Diagram

● Connect With One SA

● Connect With More Than One SA

● If the SPI LED Pixel Strip is Single-Wire Control, The DATA and CLK Output is Same, Each SA Can Connect up to 4 LED Strips.
● If the SPI LED Pixel Strip is Two-Wire Control, Each SA Connect up to 2 LED Strips.