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Product Features:

  • 360 degree light. Dot free type.
  • 6led per group for control.
  • Available size: 0.5M , 1M , also have other size for customer choose.
  • Use our controller max add 80pcs 1M tube without voltage drop.
  • Can use with our pixel bar, neon strip to have very more fantastic effect.

Spec of 360 Rainbow tube:

The 360 Rainbow tube is a very good tube which have 360 degree light. Can be used for many stages, KTV, Bar.

Model LW-PB3601
Name Unit Minimum Typical Maximum
Working Voltage(V) V 24V
Power (W) W 11.52
ESD Voltage (Vesd) V 2000
Light degree Deg 360
Red  wavelength nm 620 625
Green wavelength nm 515 520
Blue  wavelength nm 460 470
Storage Temperature -20 55
Work Temperature -20 55
Waterproof 67
SMD 5050 RGB
IC Items UCS2903
Gray 256


Product Details:

1,  “Four-core waterproof cable at the head of the product and three-core waterproof cable at the end of the product” indicate the direction of signal input and output.

2,  When installing, the lamp signal input terminal (four-core head) is connected to the controller signal output terminal (three-core tail).

3, If the distance between the controller and the lamp exceeds 10M, it is recommended to use a signal amplifier to enhance the signal transmission capability.

4, The controller GND terminal and the lamp power supply output GND are co-negatively handled, pay attention; the power of the lamp must not exceed the power of the power, otherwise it will affect the normal lighting of the lamp, and the power and the lamp will affect.

5, More choice for the size:

Size (mm) IC QTY LED QTY Power (W) Weight (KG)
518 12 72 11.76W 0.32
598 14 84 13.44W 0.35
678 16 96 15.12W 0.4
758 18 108 17.04W 0.42
838 20 120 18.96W 0.44
918 22 132 20.88W 0.49
998 24 144 22.08W 0.53
1078 26 156 24.96W 0.61
1158 28 168 26.4W 0.64
1238 30 180 28.56W 0.66
1318 32 192 30.48W 0.72
1398 34 204 32.16W 0.76
1478 36 216 34.08W 0.8
1558 38 228 35.52W 0.82
1638 40 240 37.68W 0.88

Controller Installation Instructions:

(1) Universal ball installation:This installation method is simple. Use a universal ball, a screw, and the other end of the screw to directly lock the lamp.

(2) Fixed installation:This installation method is suitable for suspended ceilings. The product is connected to the universal ball screws to fix the lamp tube, and the installation is more secure.

Products Installation Details:

1.This product has the appearance of D40 PC round tube, which can be connected in series.

2.Pay attention to the wiring sequence when installing the product. Do not connect it incorrectly to avoid damaging the lamp.

3.The power supply should be selected to match the voltage of the lamp belt to avoid undesirable phenomena.

4.Product installation pay attention to the input and output of the lamp, and the direction of the lamp.

5.Controller power supply output GND and lamp belt power supply output negative pole common negative pole treatment.

6.During the installation of the controller, the number of pixels on the output port of the controller must not exceed the range of the controller’s loading capacity. Around, otherwise there will be no light or flickering phenomenon.

7.The number of pixels in a single cascade is less than 510 to achieve the best results.

8.The power load power should be controlled as much as 80% of the total power of the power supply.9.Avoid pressure drop.


1.Before installing the product, make sure the installation surface is clean;

2.Customizable waterproof light strips can be fixed according to the waterproof level;

3.The customer must use the power supply that matches the LED voltage when using it. The wiring sequence must be in strict accordance with the product label.

4.In the switching circuit, care must be taken to avoid the occurrence of transient high voltage, so as not to exceed the working voltage of the load and burn out the product;

5.If there are too many cascaded meters, anti-pressure drop treatment is required.

6.When writing the product effect, choose the same IC as the product model, otherwise it will affect the normal work

7.To ensure waterproof and anti-corrosion, it is recommended to use neutral glass glue or waterproof grease to inject the terminal after the power cord is inserted into the connector, covering the bare copper wire of the power cord for protection.

8.Pay attention to the use environment and make it waterproof and moisture-proof;

5 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

1 , Is the LED Pixel bar waterproof?

Yes, it can be waterproof. And be used on outside.

2,How many LED in a pixel?

64pcs SMD per meter.

3,Is the LED Pixel bar easy to install?

Yes, it’s very easy to connect . can be connect by hands.

4,Is there a matching control system?

Yes, sure, it’s have controller to control it.

5,How long will it take to receive the goods after placing the order?

   Normally we have stock. 3-5 working days for production. And 5-7 working days for shipping.