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Product Features:

  • External IC, 24V six lights one control
  • DMX512 is cost-effective, popular in the market, and has a large shipment volume.
  • DMX512 with breakpoint resume function, reduce maintenance costs

Product Specifications:

Part No: Input Voltage IC type LED Quantity IC QTY PCB width: Color Max Power Min Cut IP Grade Control signal:
LW-D0040 24V DMX512  60leds/m 10 10mm White 18W/M 100mm IP20 DMX



Products Details:

01 . External IC, 24V six lights one control

24V is 6 lamps and one control, using SMD5050 lamp beads, using the external driver chip DMX512, to achieve addressable, programmable digital light bar

02 . DMX512 with breakpoint resume function

The DMX512 can continuously transmit the signal in the event of a signal interruption, if any Pixel on the strip is disconnected, the circuit will remain off, while the other Pixels will continue to glow. As long as the other adjacent Pixels are not damaged, the other Pixels will work fine.

03 . Wiring: DMX512 White 4PIN。

4PIN terminal and two power lines,Red:24V (V+) / Green: encoding / yellow: signal / Black:GND (V-),The two extra wires are backup power, red 24V(V+), black wire 24V(V-)

04 . Customizable in various sizes

Convenient and free cutting: can be cut arbitrarily along the cutting line to meet the various lengths of light strips required by customers

05 . Waterproof levels

It can be made into a variety of waterproof levels, dripping waterproof (IP65), all-inclusive casing waterproof (IP67), plastic injection in the casing (IP68), and the latest extrusion molding (IP68)

06 . Flexible PCB

  • WS2812B & WS2813 Using the most flexible FPC as the base material, FPC has good electrical conductivity, fast heat dissipation, bending resistance, and can be arbitrarily bent into any shape。
  • Double Layer Pure Copper Flexible Circuit Board is Adopted to Ensure Excellent Conductivity and Extremely Long Service Life of the Lamp Strip.

07 . Dimensions:

24V-60 LEDs/M

09 . Connect Drawing:

The Installation:

(1) Paste Installation:
This Installation Method is Generally Used for the Waterproof Environment,
And the High-viscosity 3m Adhesive is Attached to the Back of the Lamp Strip,
Which Can Be Directly Pasted on the Required Solid. The Surface of the Media.

Easy to Use and Easy to Install

Tear Off the Adhesive Tape

Paste to Where You Need to Install

(2) Snap-on Installation:
This Installation Method is Suitable for the Casing Waterproof Product.
The Product is Fixed by the Screw Transparent Buckle to Make the Installation Firmer.

Accessories (Clips+Screw+Screwd-Diver)

Put the Clips on the Strip

Fixed the Clips

· Please Consult an Electrician Before Doing Any Electrical Worker.
· the Strip and Its Components Cannot Be Mechanically Pressed.
· Correct Electrical Polarity Needs to Be Addressed.
· Pay Attention to ESD Precautions During Assembly.
· Installation Should Be Done by an Electrician.

· The LEDs Should Be Kept at ≤86°f and ≤70%RH.
· When Storing the LEDs Use Moisture Proof Packaging.

Accessories Display:

Hippo Buckle


Aluminum Trough

Power Supply

Application Scenario:


10 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

1,Can addressable led strips be white?

Yes, it is. We have 5V SK6812 white, 12V WS2818B white, UCSDMX512B3 white addressable led strip.

2, How long can a 24V LED strip be?

12V DC LED Strip longest length is 16ft (5 meters); 24V DC LED strip longest length is 32ft (10 meters). 24V Constant Current (CC) LED Strip is 65ft (20 meters). 120V / 220LED Strip maximum length is 164ft (50 meters).

3, What is the difference between addressable LEDs and RGB LEDs?

Addressable led strip means the strip have IC inside, it can control every single led, you can control every led with different colors. But all the LED on the RGB led strip only can light same color on the same time.

4, Can RGB led strip produce white light?

Yes, RGB LEDs can mix the white color, but it will not so pure as the real white. An extra white is better for you white color request.

5, Can any LED strip be addressable?

No. RGB led strip without IC inside, there can not be addressable. Addressable led strip means there have IC on it, so it can be control different in every LED colors or every group colors.